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Property Management
Property Evaluation and Inspections
  • Establish Market Value
  • Provide Alternative Options
  • Recommend Repairs
  • Provide Guidelines for Landlords
Tenant Selection and Screening
  • Thorough Reference Checks
  • Detailed Rental Application Forms
  • In Depth Interviews
Computerized Accounting System
  • Monthly Statements
  • Proceeds Distributed
Monthly Comprehensive Legal Forms
  • Legal Agreements to Cover All Parties
  • Security Deposit Forms
  • Legal Notice Forms
  • Comply with State Regulations and Requirements
Rent Collection Services
  • Fair But Firm Rent Collection Policies
  • Fast Action on Deliquencies/Deficiencies
Repairs and Maintenance
  • Experienced & Qualified Contractors
  • Residential Remodeling and Restoration
  • Home Inspections
  • Certifications
  • Home Modernizations
  • Computerized Proposals
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