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For Banks & Lenders
REO/BPO Department
From Monitoring to Management to Closing
Pre-Foreclosure Department
  • Loss Mitigation Consultation
  • Pre-Foreclosure Monitoring
    • 24-48 Occupancy Status Checks/Reports w/Photos
    • Cash-For-Keys and Lockout
  • Monitoring for Property Preservation
  • Eviction Attorney and Sheriff/Bailiff Coordination
  • Secure Evictions
    • Change Locks
    • Secure All Doors and Windows (HUD Style Available)
    • Install Lock Box
  • Complete Winterizations
    • Dropping of Water Meter
    • Blowing All Pipes
    • Draining Boiler/Hot Water Heater
    • Protect Lines/Pipes with Antifreeze
    • Post Notice of Winterization and Secure All Facilities
  • Coordinate Trash Outs/Yard Maintenance
BPO/CMA's Department
  • Full Exterior Drive By's; Interior and Second Opinions w/Digital Photos
  • 48-hr Turnaround or Rush BPO's
  • Digital Photos; E-mail Capabilities
  • Accurate Valuations (+/-5%)
  • Accurate Market Analysis
    • Cost to Cure Days On Market
    • Determination Based on Days on Market Desired
    • Highest Return
  • Identifiable Insurance Claims
  • Online Monthly Status Reporting Capabilities
Professional and Experienced Marketing
  • Licensed, Knowledgeable and Experienced Agents
    • Laptop Mobility for All Agents
    • Internet Access at Each Desk
  • Recognized REMS Sign
  • Real Comp Ltd/MLS Multi-List Service Capabilities
  • Extensive Investor Database
  • Website for Internet Exposure
    • Exterior/Interior Photos
    • Description and Demographic Information
    • Not Limited to, But Including:
      • Total Bedrooms/Bath(s)
      • Area (w/Map and Letter#)
      • Special Features
      • Showings/Open House Information
      • Selling Bonuses
      • Listing/Availability Status
Processing/Closing Department
  • Aggressive Timeline Management Team
  • Timely Transmissions of Prospective Offers (E-mail Capability)
  • 48hr Response Time to All Offers Submitted
  • Asset Manager and Title Company Coordination
  • For Accurate Status Reports on:
    • Submitted Offers
    • Pending Offers
    • Closings
  • Experienced and Knowledgeable Staff with any/all Local/Suburban Municipality Requirements for Foreclosure Sales
    • Ordering City Inspections
    • Ordering Special Real Estate Closing
    • Water Reads
    • Demolition Deferral
    • Procuring City Waivers 48 Hours
    • Prior to Close
  • Experienced Title Specialists to Resolve Curative Issues
    • Estate/Probate Sales
    • Tax Forfeiture/Foreclosure
    • Lis Pendens Issues
  • Follow-Up with Buyers/Agents/Mortgage Companies to Insure Timely Closings
  • Coordinating with Buyer's Mortgage Representatives to Clear any/all Underwriting Conditions
  • Expense Reconciliation Management
    • Expense Sheets/Holdback Forms
    • Provided Within 48 Hours Prior to Closing
  • Post Closing Follow Through On
    • Utility Escrows
    • Water Escrows
    • Occupancy Escrows
    • Final Bill Reconciliation
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